Palmistry has been studied and practiced for thousands of years.

Drawings of Palmistry were found in caves from as far back as the stone age.


Ancient Egyptians took the art seriously as have many cultures over the generations. Thus proving the art to be accurate in its prediction. 


The Palm is linked to Astrology and the surface of the Palm and the lines are named after Planets.


The lines are like a map of life the Life line being the road your life takes.

The Fate line indicates the type of work you will do and how you will fair financially. The Head and Heart line are character traits and show strengths and weaknesses.   


The accuracy of Palmistry is above all as the lines are very personal to you forming before birth they bring a uniqueness.


Palmistry will show big events in life and help you realise that life is mapped out before birth and this in turn allows you to progress forward in a spiritual direction.