Karmic Astrology works on the same principle as general Astrology but with the belief of Reincarnation.


From a karmic Astrology chart we can see where we have come from and the sort of life we lived and the type person we were.


This in turn allows us to see who we are now, in other words we are who we were Life and Karma being a ongoing progression Spiritually.


This life time is just a continuation of our Last Life, allowing us to learn progressing forward with different life experiences.


Karmic Astrology can help us understand were we come from the positives and negatives we have gathered from those Life Times.


This in turn helps us let go of insecurities or fears that are no longer needed.

We must remember if we have experience and grown from past experiences we no longer have to hold on to them.


Knowing you last life is like knowing your roots and puts many things into perspective.


It can also help you know your purpose in this life, where you are heading, opening up a amazing perspective on Life Death and Karma.