Karma Through Astrology

karma Through Astrology gives a uncomplicated insight into how to set and read a astrology chart. It allow you to see how the signs and planets affect your life and bring lessons for you to learn for your spiritual growth.. this book contains 45+ years of astrological understanding that helped me become renown in the field of astrology and the arts.

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Jenny's life changes irrevocably when Hugh, her husband and soul mate does not return from a working trip. It is a period she cannot endure alone so her heart pulls her back to her youth and Rose Cottage in the village of Malbury in Essex where she grew up and which she buys in order to begin the process of mending her heart. But although remaining members of her family are still living in Malbury including her brother, Daniel, there are also old flames, most notably Guy Hamilton, her first love. Dark secrets and murders also lie there; the mysterious disappearance of her father years before and the loss of her mother. What lay behind these events? In a voyage of rediscovery, Jenny pieces together these tragic stories and negotiates at the same time a heart-breaking journey to find love.

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