Humanity has studied Astrology for thousands of years and over time it was noticed that people born at certain times held similar characteristics.


The time they were born brought other similarities and life trends and when planets moved in certain directions or passed close to each other local or global events would occur and as these trends are ongoing it proves a science exists.


The planets have a big influence upon us and our everyday lives.


For millenniums society has followed the movement of the stars and many have lived their lives around their predictions.


Kings and queens fought wars around them and businesses even today take heed of the placement of planets when making important decisions.


Most people know a little about Astrology but it is usually just their star sign but there is much more to it than that.


By calculating a personal birth chart we are able to see characteristics and progression forward in life. 


Our Astrology chart is a map of our life helping us understand and accept our way forward.